Data used in “Tracing the Cosmic Web” comparison project

by Libeskind et al. 2017

The data for this project is available for download as a zipped tar file: TracingTheCosmicWebData.tar.gz.

This directory contains two types of files: CUBE and FOF, also see the README.txt.

When using the data base in publications, please cite this DOI: doi:10.17876/data/2017_1 as well as Libeskind et al 2017.

The simulation that the methods were run on had following parameters:

Simulation parameters
Cosmology Planck cosmology
Lbox 200 Mpc/h side length of simulation box
Nparticles 512^3 total number of simulation particles (resolution)

Terminology/convention for the cosmic web classification:

Web classification
void 0
sheet 1
filament 2
knot 3
n/a -1
Each method was asked to return two files: * CUBE_200_512_<method>.txt * FOF_200_512_<method>.txt **CUBE file format:** The cosmic web classification of each point in space is returned on a regular grid of 2 Mpc spacing. The first three columns give the (x,y,z) coordinate of the cell's center. The last column returns the "web_id", described above. **FOF file format:** Each method was asked to add a final column to the FOF catalog with the "web_id". The meaning of the other columns may be ascertained from the header in the FOF catalog: fof_catalog_200Mpc512.txt (b=0.2 linking length). We include the gadget z=0 snapshot directory as well (`./snapshots`).