StarHorse 2021

Photo-astrometric distances, extinctions, and astrophysical parameters for Gaia EDR3 stars brighter than G = 18.5

Anders, Khalatyan, et al. (2021)

Accessing the catalogue

ADQL queries:

TAP queries with TOPCAT:

TAP queries with python / pyvo:

CDS/VizieR access

Accessing the approximated posterior PDFs

Bulk data download

In addition to the ADQL database, the full SH2021 dataset is available in two formats: parquet and csv. The parquet files have multiple splits. Each file format has its own file list in order to simplify the downloads with wget command.

Get the list of the files:


or download entire CSV data into sh_edr3_2021_v1.2.parq.csv folder:

wget -i -P sh_edr3_2021_v1.2.parq.csv/

Catalogue crossmatches using

You can use Gaia@AIPmailto:Gaia@AIP to do crossmatches with the StarHorse2021 table. Since the first time may not be straightforward, here's a small HOWTO:

  1. The first step is to upload a (correctly formatted) VOTable of source_ids - by clicking on Query --> Upload VOTable --> Select a file & give it an alias (e.g. test_upload):

Upload Table

(This shows the example for anonymous users - if you want to keep the list of source_ids invisible to other users, please log in.)

When completed successfully, you will see something like this:

Upload done

  1. Now you can use the uploaded table in ADQL queries - if you are not logged in, the table will be called for example gaia_user_anonymous.test_upload. A simple crossmatch with the StarHorse2021 database (selecting all columns) would then look like this:

Xmatch Query

(Be sure to include a correct match statement.) Depending on the size of your table, you will get the results within a minute (several 10,000 objects) or longer. Please choose the job queue accordingly.

Once the data are ready, you will see a screen like this:

Xmatch done

  1. Then you can click on Download and choose your favourite file format.


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Changelog for table

Change log:

  • 11.11.2021: v1.2
    • bug fix in colors columns.
  • 05.11.2021: v1.1
    • initial database release on as : gaiaedr3_contrib.starhorse table


  • see Appendix D of the paper