StarHorse 2019

Photo-astrometric distances, extinctions, and astrophysical parameters for Gaia DR2 stars brighter than G = 18 by F.Anders et al. (2019)

The data formats

The SH data is avalaible in three formats: hdf5, fits and csv. We have split the data into 16 chunks for the each format. Each file format has its own file list in order to simplify the downloads with wget command.

Getting the data

Get the list of the files:

wget  --no-check-certificate

Download the data:

wget --no-check-certificate -i list-fits.txt
  • Access examples:



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Database Update on

Change log:

  • 22.02.2021: v0.6
    • gdr2_contrib.starhorse contains an additional columns from the EDR3 as a result of cross match information taken from gaiaedr3.dr2_neighbourhood table.
    • about 4M stars got more than one counterpart, it is indicated by dup_max_number
    • The beset condidate of EGDR3 source id is indicated by dr3_source_id columns, the selection criteria is: min(angular_distance) between GDR2 and EDR3 condidates from the dr2_neighbourhood table
    • due to the crossmatch with EDR3 we have 18 stars less than v0.5
    • gdr2_contrib.starhorse_v5 with the datasets from v0.5
  • 01.03.2019: v0.5
    • Adding ruwe and suplementatry columns from gdr2.gaia_source
    • fixing bug arp50 and adding bprp0


Here are some small caveats reported by users of the StarHorse2019 catalogue (thanks to all of you!)

  • The second & third digits of the SH_OUTFLAG are exchanged with respect to the documentation in the paper (via J. Versteeg-Veltkamp, 04/2020): the correct order of the digits is:
    • SH_OUTFLAG[0]: main reliability flag
    • SH_OUTFLAG[1]: AV flag
    • SH_OUTFLAG[2]: large distance flag
    • SH_OUTFLAG[3]: large AV uncert flag
    • SH_OUTFLAG[4]: very small uncert flag
  • The Galactocentric positions computed in the catalogue (XGal, YGal, ZGal) for each object assume the Sun to be at (-8.2,0,0.011) kpc (via L. Pagani, 02/2020).